CATRIN joins as a new MINIGRAPH partner

Scientists from the Czech Advanced Technologies and Research Institute – CATRIN at Palacký University in Olomouc have recently joined as a new partner of MINIGRAPH thanks to success in the Horizon Europe Hop On Facility grant call. The task of the Olomouc scientists will be to verify the biocompatibility of graphene implants to living cells, […]

Full steam ahead for MINIGRAPH following second General Assembly meeting

The second General Assembly of MINIGRAPH, an EIC Pathfinder project,  took place this week at the Campus of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, where the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2)  is located. With the attendance of 22 members of the MINIGRAPH consortium, which also includes the start-up INBRAIN Neuroelectronics, the research and innovation […]

ICN2 leads an EIC Pathfinder Challenges grant to develop breakthrough neurotechnology for brain interfaces

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Granted a total of 5.2M euros, the project will be carried out by a consortium coordinated by the ICN2 and that includes INBRAIN Neuroelectronics, a spin-off company founded by researchers from ICN2, IMB-CNM-CSIC and ICREA developing graphene-based implants to treat neurological diseases. The project MINIGRAPH, coordinated by the ICN2 Advanced Electronic Materials and Devices Group, led […]

Minigraph kicks off scientific activities

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Representatives of the European consortium met in Barcelona to discuss the short-term objectives and establish the agenda. The kick-off meeting of the project MINIGRAPH, coordinated by the ICN2, led by ICREA Prof. Jose A. Garrido, was held on 20-21 October at the Casa de Convalescència in Barcelona. The project has received €4M in funding from the European Commission through […]